During this month so far i been looking forward to go to Utah to see my best friend tiffanie. But then today when i was done taking my permit test right away my mother gets mad at me cause i failed. she said to me " if you don't pass your permit this week the tickets will be too much". When she went to this store to buy something i stayed in the car and cried my eyes out i really wanted to see her soo much. i called up someone who will understand my problems her name is Ghada she is the first person i would call up when i have a problem with my mother. Then after like a few mintues i went outside for some air and my mom came out of the store and drove back home. when we got home i went straight up to my room to clam down for a bit so i could talk to my dad.

Then my mom came into the room i didn't want to see her i am sick of her bullshit and crap. she yelled at me saying " did you give your card number to tiffanie?"  i told her no "did you let kaisy use it" i told her no again. "she is tricking you if using your money like all the friends you make they use you for it" I got very upset. I know thats not true and she thinks tiff is using me for my money and i told her NO she is not using me for my money. she checked my bank account again it was the same summary since two days ago. then she told me " even if you get your permit your not going to utah" when she left i was crying my eyes out!!! Thanks to her i lost my best friend tiffanie.