This morning it was a good moring for me until I went on facebook to check on something things. I talked to tiffanie for a while then she told me that Ludwig wants to break up with me cause he wants to be single for a while. I am hurt and at the same time i can care less about his ass. I am depressed and just sick of getting hurt like this. 

Buts its whatever i want a guy who is willing to come and see me or who lives in the same area as me. I  am just going to give my heart a break for a while. I feel like i want to cry but i don't want to in front of kaisy. So i have to hold it in until i get home. 

I took a walk to the bathroom down stairs and came back. I am just depressed and hurt at the same time. 

Darkness lovely (talk) 14:25, November 1, 2013 (UTC)