After i finished my freshman year in 2010 and going to my sophomore year. The ASD tranfered me from Allen High school to Dieruff high school. During the summer i made a account called Angel Becky Dark then i began to not like the name and changed it again to Angel Dark. This name is much better then the first one i made up. Then i began to suffer the site on my account and i came across and meet Alfonso as Chazz (Yu-GI-OH GX Character) i added him and i saw this guy name Syrus ( Another Gx Character) and i added him as well. Chazz aka Al asked me are you singel and stuff and i answered him. Then when Andrew aka Syrus added me on his account and we began to talk.

Me and Andrew talked and talked then we got into a relationship. During that time he told me he is Bisexual and he thoughi that i was gonna be mad at him just for begin Bi but i wasn't pissed off i told him i support bisexuals and he was very happy to hear that. I didn't mind at all that his Bisexual at all i just want him to be happy. Then i met Tiffanie she showed me what she looks like in real life and told me her real name. Me and her began texting each other before school starts again and sometimes andrew would use her phone to text me.

Then around October me and tiff were talking on yahoo messager and i told her my real life name and i still go to school. I was 15 when me and andrew role play date and he was turning 18 soon but i was gonna be 16 next month. Andrew and his Brother birthday is 6-15-1992

Tiffanies birthday is 6-29-1992

Mines 7-28-1994

Darkness lovely (talk) 16:56, July 10, 2013 (UTC)