Love that once hung on the wall

Used to means nothing 

the echoes are gne in the hall 

but i still remember, the pain  of December 

Oh , there isn't one thing left I'm sorry it's to late 

Imbreaking free from these memories 

Gotta let it go, just let it go 

I've said goodbye, set it all on fire 

gotta let it go , just let it go 

oh (oh) Oh (oh)

You came back to find i was gone 

And that place is empty like the hole that was left in me 

Like we were nothing at all 

it's not what you meant to me, though we were meant to be 

oh there isn't one thing left you could say im sorry its to late 

im breaking free from these memories 

gotta let it go, just let it go 

(and let it go) and now i know 

(a brand new life) is down this road 

(and when its right) you always know 

(so its time) i won't let go 

There only one thing left here to say lever never to late 

i've breaking free from those memories 

i've let it go i've let it go 

and two goodbyes led to this new life

don't let me go don't let me go 

oh (oh) oh (oh) oh (oh)

don't let me go (x4)

won't let you go 

don't let me go 

Avril Lavigne - Let Me Go ft

Avril Lavigne - Let Me Go ft. Chad Kroeger

Darkness lovely (talk) 00:38, October 17, 2013 (UTC)