Angel's Parents

The story begins when her parents met Rosa Holland and Adam Dark. They went out every day together like on a date.  They would do everything together and  they would kiss each other good night. One day they decided they want to live in a house together and have a family. They began to look for houses in the relam  that they both were born and raised in. They found a perfect house just enough for  them and the future child they  might have someday.  

After a few days and months went by the couple bought the house and set up the whole place together. The bed set  were gothic and the dishes are plan as white. It was a very nice set with black roses on the side of the plate.  They bought a lot of new things and getting the bills paid and after another few months Adam asked Rosa to marry him she said yes to his answer she was so happy.  Rosas dream was to find the one she loves and have a family with a loving child. 

They began to plan a big gothic wedding and everyone was going to be there. Rosa was very nervous but happy at the same time. Adam needed to keep his cool and not be scared but he is a very happy guy. After there plans  and invitations were sent out it was almost time for the wedding. After months of finding everything they needed for the wedding. Rosa and Adam got married and became Mr. and Mrs, Dark. 

After there honey moon Rosa got pregnant with a baby girl and named her Angel dark. Adam wasa very happy man that he became a father to his child so was rosa is know  a happy mother. Sadly When angel was eight years old her parents were missing. Angel was all alone and she tough herself how to wash up and do everything on her own with the help of her grandmother Pairs dark. 

Her parents were never found by the time Angel was eightteen years old her grandmother got sick very sick and her husband William was still alive and well. Her husband and Angel care of Pairs until one day she was gone. Angel had was left was her grandfather William who helped Angel out with her life.  Angels grandparents on Rosa's side are always there for thier granddaughter even though the both sides miss there child.