Lady Gaga-  Aura, G.U.Y, Venus, Sexxx Dreams, Manicure Do what you want with my body ft robert , Art Pop, Appluase,bad romance, poker face, Alejandro,Paparazzi,Judas, Born this way, Telephone ft Beyonce, Just Dance, love game, Edge of Glory, Marry the night, Monster, Bloody Marry, Dance in the dark, Teeth, Starstruck, Speechless, Americano, Joanne, John Wayne, Dimand Heart, Perfect illusion, Million Reasons, A-YO, Dancin' In Circles. 

David Guetta- Play Hard, Titanium, without you , Turn me on , where them girls at, i can only imgaine, little bad girl,Crank it up, sweat.

Justin Timberlake - Mirrors, TKO, Suite and Tie, cry me a river, Sexy back, take back the night, tunnel vesion.

Taylor Swift- 22, i knew you were trouble, we are never ever getting back together, you belong with me, love story,red,begin again, fiften, our song, teardrops on my guitar,today was a fairy tale, treacherous, everything has changed, starlight, state of grace. 

Avril Lavigne- Here's to never growing up,let it go,hello kitty, girlfriend, wish you where here, what the hell, smile, when you are gone, complicated, i with you, slipped away, keep holdiing on,sk8er boi, innocene, i love you, happy ending, No bodys home, i will be,good bye. 

Imagine Dragons - demons, its times and raidoactive 

Selena Gomez- Round and Round, A year without rain, rock god, Ghost of you, sick of you, i wont apologize, falling down,naturally, the way i loved you tell me something that i don't know, slow down, come and get it,birthday, shake it up,magic,stars dance, like a champion,undercover,cruella de vil,more.

Katy Perry- roar,dark horse,unconitionally,fireworks, hot and cold, Last Friday Night, E.T. ,California Girls, wide awake, Teenage dream,I kissed a girl, part of me, the one who gotta away, your so gay,thinking of you, waking up in vegas. double rainbow, choose your battles, hummingbird heart beat, it takes two, Legendary lovers. 

Demi lovato- Heart attack, Neon lights,skycraper, give your heart a break, made in usa , really don't care, warroir, get back, shouldn't come back, here go again, get back, la la land. gift of a friend, so far so great, mistake, for the love of a daughter, something that  we're not, fire stater. 

Panic at the Disco- I write sins not tragedies, MIss Jackson, The ballad of mona lisa, this is halloween, nicotine.