Today at work i was doing my clean sweep and after that my coach came up to me and said " in Ailse 15 there is a wet spill there" i said "ill do it right know" so i got my clean sweep cart so i can clean up the mess. But i was missing my broom and dust pan so i though there wasn't much of a spill until i got to the Ailse and i was so fucking shocked that someone spilled a gallon of milk all over the floor. i went to get a wet mop to clean it up but it worked a little bit then the another bagger came and saw the mess i was cleaning  up.  The bagger name is Brunce his been working in giant longer then i have. 

So Brunce told me " ill go get some white powered bags so it can absorb the milk" i said " alright" i waited a bit until he got  some bags and we opened them and we dumped the whole bag on the floor. After that we had to find a dust pan and a droom so we can sweep the milk off the floor. It took three people to do it first it was Angel, Me and then brunce it was such a big mess but we finally cleaned it all up. 

It turns out a boy who is a minor did the prank idk how he did it but i think he did was that he opened the gallon of milk and poured it on the floor then some how he rip the gallon in half then he left the spill with the broken gallon on the floor in Ailse 15. He was sent to the office with the police officer then like a few seconds later his mother came and saw the fine that the officer gave him. when i looked back into that office she was soo pissed off at her son for doing that prank in the store. 

This shit was not even funny at all -_- it was stupid that he did that prank on us. 

Darkness lovely (talk) 23:54, August 3, 2013 (UTC)